Your sewage system is backed up? Turn to us!

Is your property’s sewage system damaged? Sewage contamination should be addressed immediately since it poses a health risk. Turn to the professionals at Property Doctors, Inc. with 25 years of experience for exceptional sewage restoration with our water damage restoration services in Colorado and its surrounding areas.


Get our professional help for:

  • Extraction and removal services
  • Raw sewage and silt
  • Applying deodorizer
  • Draining backup in your basement
  • Toilet overflow
  • Fish tanks
  • Water softener leaks
  • Sewage (category 3)

Reduce health problems with our help

Sewage spills and sewage backups is one of the worst events that could happen to your property. The threat of raw sewage also poses serious health issues. That’s what makes sewage water damage restoration so important.

Turn to us for prompt sewage water damage restoration services so that any damages to the structure and health dangers to your property’s occupants can be contained.